Why is Football Streaming Booming Among the Sport Platforms?

Only football fans know the excitement and thrill that the 90 minutes hold. Not all football lovers can afford to go to the stadium every time their favourite team plays. And sports fans are becoming less reliant on satellite dishes to beam back live broadcasts of the biggest games. Although that does not mean that you cannot access the live football match at your homes. Football live streaming is possible, all of us know that premium sports channels are very expensive. So instead of cable TV, you can watch live football streams on your smartphones. Or if you want a bigger screen then you can watch live football streaming on your PC. The only thing that you need is a good internet connection.

Why is Football Streaming Booming

Live streaming now offers the same quality one would expect from a satellite broadcast, for a fraction of the price. Although some live streams can be more than ten seconds behind the action, that is a small price to pay for having your favourite sports at your fingertips.

Streaming sport is becoming a must-have for online punters as the ability to watch and bet on the go is becoming more and more important. Life can get in the way of live sports sometimes, there just isn’t enough time in the day to properly enjoy every sporting event as we would like, this is where live streaming with online bookmakers can be extremely useful for bettors. Online Football Betting Sites with live football streaming bring the game and its latest odds straight to your mobile device. Live streaming sports and events with a bookmaker can give you access to almost every live sporting event in the world at your fingertips. But not every bookmaker has live streaming, so it is very important to know in advance of signing up to a new account whether you can watch live sports on the go or not. There are many live streaming bookmakers in the UK sports betting industry who you can visit and avail their services. This article is designed to equip you with all the information you need to stream everything from the Premier League to daily UK football leagues, wherever you are, at home on desktops and when on the go with smartphone and tablet devices.

Football Streaming requirements

The vast majority of the top in-play sports betting sites offer live streaming services, but as already stated not all do, so be sure to confirm the service is offered before signing up. Once you follow the below steps you should have no difficulty in streaming live sports.

  • Open A Betting Account: The first step is to open a betting account to stream sports with that particular bookmaker. Once your account has passed the relevant KYC checks, you can get started, but make sure you have put some funds into your account and maintain a positive balance to continue being eligible to have the streaming service available to you.
  • Flash or HTML5 based systems: On the majority of bookmaker websites, you will need a flash or HTML5 based system to be able to watch the events as this generally is the service these websites use to stream their events. Sometimes you may need to have a flash plugin installed in your browser, but nowadays most devices come with this preloaded on it so you may not have to worry too much about this.
  • The real benefit of streaming is to be able to watch and bet on live sports on the go, so another useful step is to download a mobile betting app to readily access the latest betting markets. On a bookmaker betting app you can set up notifications for the event you have bet on, so you will receive push messages if/when your team scores a goal for example.
  • Naturally, for streaming to work for you efficiently you will need to ensure that you have a steady and excellent internet connection.

Top Football Matches streamed by Bookmakers

Football Matches

With online bookmakers live streaming, customers can now expect to watch any football match happening at any time, across the world. You can use a betting website to get access to live streams of every major football match from all the best professional leagues. That includes leagues like the German Bundesliga, La Liga The EFL Championship and much more. The Premier League is streamed much less than often however, as the popularity of the league means that the rights are incredibly expensive. Bookmaker streaming is very useful for UK punters who enjoy betting on tertiary leagues like the Allsvenskan in Sweden for example, as these matches don’t tend to be on TV here.

Live Streaming Betting Strategy

With the vast majority of online bookmakers out there offering live streaming, you could start applying some serious soccer betting strategy for various games. For example, you could sign up for multiple accounts to take full advantage of all the various odds and prices offered by each sportsbook. It may be a good idea to open a few online betting accounts to increase your opportunities to rake in the potential winnings. You don’t necessarily have to bet through a bookie to get access to the live streaming betting site to watch the sport you are looking for. So, you could use just one account to watch the event and open accounts with other bookmakers that are offering better odds, prices and special offerings. For example, some bookmakers have a cash-out feature, which is a great option to use while live-streaming and placing bets.

Reasons why Football Streaming is Becoming more Popular

Every single industry has to evolve according to the demands of its users, and that includes sports broadcasting. Football being the most popular sport in the world, many fans are starting to prefer live streaming to other alternatives and online betting sites as well as providers are evolving to keep up with the growing need of the bettors. For example, Winissimo provides online bettors with ample opportunities as numerous sportsbooks are functioning successfully in the UK and the competition is quite fierce. 

popularity of football streaming

Taking this into consideration, Winissino leaves no stones unturned in offering nothing but the best. They offer the players with a fantastic array of sports games to bet on from including online football betting with exciting tournaments and leagues. Besides these, the bettors can also claim some of the coolest promotions consisting of fair terms and conditions. However, why is this boom in football streaming happening? Let us look at the reasons:

  • Soccer being popular

It is no secret to anyone that soccer moves millions of followers. This sport has a worldwide influence, which, for entrepreneurs, soccer clubs and players means a lot of money. As in any business, companies will seek to maximize their profits. For the leaders of the Premier League, the professional English football league, this is no different. Despite being the league with the most money in the world, it is considering increasing revenue through game broadcasts using a streaming service, leaving behind the pay-television model.

  • Cheaper option

This reason is very powerful because people are tired of being attached to expensive TV channel subscriptions just to watch their favourite sports and the most important events. That is why cord cutting is becoming a serious problem for traditional TV companies because people are finding live streaming much cheaper.

  • Watch the sporting event live

By watching the football game you are interested in, you can continually review the latest odds. This can help you stay on top of the odds much easier and can lead to more winning bets as you notice a game’s momentum switch in favour of one team for example.

  • Quality of the stream is Excellent

Some argue that the quality of live streaming will never compare to what TV companies offer, but that is not true at all. If you check our packages, then you will see that the quality is outstanding, and it is because nowadays sites use cutting-edge technology. If you combine amazing quality with a cheap price, then you have the recipe for creating a real revolution, and it is already taking place in many places all over the globe including the UK.

  • Loads of Options

With live streaming, you have an almost endless supply of options at your disposal. It does not matter the league or country, because thanks to it you can watch almost any match. That is the beauty of this system, that you widen your options and are not limited by your TV company at all.

  • Brands Love it

Live streaming is a real revolution because users and brands love it equally. Not for nothing, Facebook is putting much attention to streaming live sports, it is because they know the tremendous potential of this and that people are already embracing the idea of it. When both parties love an idea, then you know it is a good thing and that it will not take long before it replaces the current system.

  • Watching matches anywhere

It does not matter if you are at home or travelling, because thanks to living to stream you can watch your favourite matches anywhere, be it on your phone, laptop, tablet, smart TV, etc. This versatility is another feature that makes this kind of service so attractive.

  • More Engagement

Thanks to Live football streaming, the engagement is far better, because people can participate and be part of the fun. This is something that you cannot do with traditional TV, but thanks to the world of live streaming and the internet, people can be far more entertained now.

  • iFollow: Revolutionising live football streaming in the UK

The way live-action is consumed in the English Football League (EFL) has changed forever since the introduction of a new high-definition live streaming and content platform. iFollow was designed specifically for football fans to watch their favourite teams in the EFL when living or staying overseas.

To sum up

What opportunities does live football streaming present for marketers? For many sports marketers, the transition from TV to digital video is seamless. They are already experimenting with advanced targeting, cross-device campaigns, social media amplification, personalisation features and more. Those capabilities will increase as streaming platforms evolve, so marketers see this paradigm shift positively. Like many businesses, the world of football seems to be heading for digital platforms. The growth of these services is inevitable it seems.