Rugby Betting

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Rugby betting

Although there are many ways of online sports betting, there is no doubt that it is very common to bet on rugby. In certain nations, it is one of the most widely played games and it has a massive fan base and viewership.

It originated in the United Kingdom about 100 years ago. It has become very common over the decades and years in Europe, Australasia, and Asia as a whole. In the United States, it is also becoming very common. It will also be fitting to note here that the national rugby team of Argentina is considered one of the best in the world.

This article will give you some advice on sports betting, particularly rugby. We would also look at the betting opportunities there are when betting on rugby in a fairly detailed way. Our focus lies in helping readers and prospective sports punters get a clearer understanding of the different types of bets that are common. Let us begin by acquiring some knowledge of rugby and the basic rules of the game first.

About Rugby

Rugby is one of the world’s most famous sports and continues to grow as new audiences become enthralled with the game every year. Rugby union, emerging from the UK more than 100 years ago, is celebrated in Europe, Asia and Australasia. In the United States, it is also increasing in success, though Argentina’s rugby side is one of the world’s strongest.

Rugby rules – The basics

Rugby is a sport of touch between two teams, with the goal of scoring points through a variety of methods with a ball. To avoid rivals from scoring points, teams can violently attack each other, and the side in charge can not move the ball forward. This suggests that in rugby there is still plenty of running and tackling to be done.

By scoring tries, conversions and drop goals, teams aim to maximise their points count. Tries in rugby are the most valuable method of scoring and also the worst. Teams aim to drive the ball over the trying line of the opposition to make a touch with the turf. Doing this wins the squad five points which allows them a chance to ‘convert’ the effort by openly kicking the ball between two posts at the other end of the pitch. A conversion adds two points to their count.

At any time during the game, players can also kick a drop goal, to add three points to the tally of their side. And the same applies to penalties that are awarded anytime the opposing team breaks the rules and allows your side the ability to kick the ball between the posts freely. Penalties are worth three points as well and can form the basis of the points count for aside.

Rugby rules are stringent about how teams should deal, and it is risky if they get it wrong. Players do not tackle the head or neck behind them. The base of their feet, where sharp metal studs may cause significant harm, can also not be questioned.

It is permitted for players to kick forward, but not to move forward. This generates a territorial game where running is vital and tactical nous is just as critical. For both sides, the main orchestrator is usually the fly-half, who will most commonly collect the ball when it has to be kicked.

Teams are divided into backs and forwards. The forwards make up a team’s ‘pack’ which, when needed, can dive into tackles and also form the scrum. Usually, they’re taller, bigger players with serious pushing capacity. The backs are the nimbler, more technically inclined ballplayers who have pace on their hand and are going to try and strike. They must still do their share of the defensive job, though.

What is online sports betting?

If it comes to betting on sporting competitions, it can be done in several respects. During the last few years, though, things have changed very drastically. The reasoning for this abrupt transition may be attributed to sports betting online. Since people began making use of the world wide web for betting purposes, sports betting is not the same. Today, as far as different sporting events are concerned, a large amount of sports betting is conducted online because of certain apparent benefits associated with this type of gambling.

Numbers run into thousands

It would be fitting to note here that there are several websites for online sports betting. And those that were into conventional ways of betting on brick and mortar have begun to shift progressively towards online betting. Punters and bettors consider this form of betting to be very easy.

There are other reasons for the increasing success of online betting in sports, aside from the comfort aspect. It’s very quick to get started on an online sports betting platform, for instance, and it takes a few minutes at most. A reputed and well-known site like Winissimo needs to be selected. You set up an account after you have selected it, and proceed with a deposit of certain funds. You are then able to go. However, given its vast success, not everyone is familiar with online betting. Therefore, before moving into sports betting, we figured we might take a look at some of the key points that one can keep in mind.

What is Rugby betting?

There is no question that rugby is one of the world’s most popular sports, and millions are drawn to it.  There are numerous rugby games played across the globe almost every day, and hence, rugby fans have many opportunities to bet on the game. Any knowledge of the ways and means by which betting may be achieved can be provided by seasoned players. And once they have the right facts and expertise about online sports betting in general and rugby betting in particular, potential entrants and others who try their hand on betting for the first time will be able to go forward.

How to start with Rugby betting?

While rugby is incredibly popular around the world when it comes to betting on rugby games and matches, we need to bear in mind that not many people are aware of the finer points. It may not be incorrect to note here that, while it might be a few decades old, sports betting on rugby remains relatively recent. Therefore, getting some opinions and tips on rugby betting rules will be a good idea. We’re also going to take a look at the various ways of rugby betting that punters may be aware of.

Rugby betting fundamentals & the different forms of bets

It is possible to break betting on rugby into 2 groups: match betting and tournament betting.

This means that you can either make short-term bets on incidents in a particular match or long-term bets that will play out over the season, just as the case in other sports.

Match betting

Match betting is the most sought after and common method of rugby betting, as is the case for most sports. Rugby is a team game, but in most situations, the matches are high-scoring, unlike most team games. There are very few occasions where, as far as most rugby matches are concerned, you can come across a drawn contest. Hence, should you plan to gamble on a rugby match, this is one of the most critical things to keep in mind. In a rugby game, several different bets can be made, but the most common match bets are: match outcome, handicap bets, winning margin, first scoring game, and first attempt scorer.

  • Handicap Betting

Also known as spread betting, another common form of rugby betting is handicap betting. As the word suggests, one of the teams gets an advantage or disadvantage in handicap betting. The gain/downside, though, is abstract. The points are either granted to them or taken away by a few teams in advance. When you want to go in for handicap betting, as a bettor, you should know the abilities of a certain side.

For example, if you are betting on New Zealand to defeat the British and Irish Lions, and New Zealand is -10 to win in the handicap market, then you are effectively betting that New Zealand will win by 11 or more points.

  •  Winning margin

For a winning margin bet, you are betting that one side will win by a certain number of points, equivalent to a handicap match outcome bet.

The main distinction here is that chances on a winning margin are always better than a handicap (depending on how aggressive the handicap is, of course) since within a certain time frame you are betting on a winning margin.

For example, with a -5 handicap, New Zealand could be 4/9 to win, but 9/2 to win by 6-10 points. You want New Zealand to win by more than five points in both situations, but with a winning margin bet, you put a limit on how many they will win. It’s a riskier bet than a handicap bet, but it means more prizes are possible as well.

  • Match Result

This is a fairly simple bet. You bet on a side you think will win, lose or draw the match. In a bet on the match outcome at an international level, there is always a little benefit to be found. This is because, in international tournaments, there are so few major upsets.

There are few and far between performances, such as Japan beating South Africa at the 2016 World Cup or Ireland beating New Zealand in Chicago in the same year.

  • First play scoring

A gamble on the first scoring action is an intriguing market to dabble in, with four different ways to open the scoring-try, penalty attempt, drop goal, or penalty. A penalty, and with good cause, has the shortest odds.

However, based on the style of play of the teams concerned, the best value may be a try. Before putting your bet, it is useful to wait to see which team is kicked off, since the odds of a certain outcome will change depending on which side may first have possession.

  • First, try scorer 

You look at the first player to score a try with this bet, irrespective of when it takes place in the game. There is a range of different variations on this, including each team’s first try scorer, each half’s first try scorer, and the first attempt scorer’s place.

Betting over and Betting under

Betting over and betting under may also be carried out. This is around a threshold point against which you would bet. If the teams you bet on win over the threshold points, then you win, then you lose as a bettor if they go below the threshold points.

Tournament or bets for series

The most common bets in this regard are the winner of the tournament or series, the margin of victory in the series, the top points scorer in the match or series, and the top tries scorer in the tournament or series.

A brief point of clarity before we jump into a review of these options: in rugby, when we talk of a championship, we consider rivalry such as the World Cup or Six Nations, while a series will be a set of test matches fought between two teams.

  • Tournament or Champion of the Series

This is a clear backup of the team that would win the tournament or series, as the name indicates.

  • Victory’s margin in a series

With this bet, going one step forward, you can predict the full outcome of a series. So, if it’s a three-match Test series, you’ll predict how many games will be won by which side. South Africa could, for instance, win a three-match series against Australia 3-1.

  • The Tournament or Series Top Points Scorer

In a certain contest or sequence, you can return one player here to score the most points, regardless of how they are scored.

Outright betting

Many individuals even gamble on leagues and competitions, aside from individual players. If you can accurately guess the winner of a tournament, you will win big cash. These are referred to as clear bets. Outright betting may be the right alternative for punters who, as far as a game is concerned, are not so sure about the favourite. You get the encouragement and guidance of a team when you bet on a winner of the tournament, and they will come in handy during the games.

On the other hand, you must keep a few things in mind when you plan to gamble on a rugby league winner. During the season, you must be prepared to look up and down. During the start of the season, your decision to bet on a specific team is crucial. Based on their prior histories, numbers, and other useful facts, you have to make a wise decision. As the league advances from one point to the next higher level, you can also monitor the success of the teams closely.

Betting on individual player

Betting by individual players is now becoming very common for obvious reasons. It is important to take into consideration the individual skillset of the players, their track record, and other such things. In most situations, as long as they can even become offensive weapons, the backs are the favourites. If you want to base your bet on those who can kick the most goals.

  • Top try scorer in a tournament or series scorer

    Tries are all that matter for this one, unlike with the highest points scorer.

Strategies for Rugby betting – What to consider when betting on Rugby

It is excellent to know the kinds of bets that are available on the best pages. However, once you have any plans in motion, you can’t start making a profit. You would need to attack the matches with a coordinated strategy to be effective in betting on rugby.

To guarantee that you are in a safe position to make wise rugby decisions, there are a variety of rugby betting tips and tactics you can try.

  • Know the team you will bet on

Various teams have diverse playing types. New Zealand historically plays an explosive style of running rugby that results in several attempts. South Africa, on the other hand, focuses on a forward-powered kicking game that normally sees more penalties scored than tries. It is unwise to help South Africa to stack up high scores with this in mind, while New Zealand can be counted on to score a fair share of points even though they lose.

  • Have an eye on the weather

Poor weather will have an immense effect on a rugby match. The ball will become as hard to manage as a bar of soap if it rains, and the result is a low-scoring match, even though attacking teams play.

Players can govern how they play and how they behave, but mother nature can’t be regulated by them.

  • Form of the team

You definitely ought to know the team’s current form. This includes learning which teams have injured players, but you don’t bank on a team competing without their best players. You ought to look at who the best players in the squad are, and the form of those players. Check how the most recent games were played and look at their vulnerabilities.

  • Understand the rules of the competition in Rugby

You must find out the rules before betting on a rugby competition since different tournaments have different rules. For starters, if four tries are scored in a single game, the Heineken Cup and the Premiership give a bonus point. The reason for the implementation of this law was to foster more attacking games. On the other side, in the Six Nations Cup, this law is not present; thus, when making a bet, you must keep this in mind. This impacts the scoring of points in a match and when making your bet, you will need to remember this.

  • Research

It goes without mentioning that you ought to study the teams’ previous performances. You ought to get an idea of how in the past they worked. If one team has never lost to another, for instance, so this info will help you make your bet. A squad that may look the best statistically might still not necessarily play the best.

Everything that might help you figure out here is who are the best players around at present. This will help you make your bet, but to get a more educated decision, you need to learn about multiple outlets. The upcoming and younger stars may also be researched; the players who are on form and others who want their results to please the larger teams. These players could make the difference in an evenly-matched game.

  • Get the best odds

That you don’t go for the first bookmaker you see is extremely significant. You just ought to make sure you’re not just going for the first odds that you see. Make sure you browse for the best odds available.

  • Using offers, sign-up bonuses and promotions

If you do not yet have a bookmaker account that appeals to you, by just making sure to use their sign-up deals, you will get a big boost. It would provide you with a bigger bankroll than what you pay for, and if you want to maximise your odds of making a return, increased value is almost certainly a positive thing.

The same logic holds when it comes to betting promotions. This will also, however, be used by both new clients and current clients, which means that even though you built your account years ago, you can still get some added value.

  • Often the underdog comes out ahead

It’s not always that the bookie’s preferred who scores. While this is the most possible result in most situations, sometimes the underdog may be the best bet; clearly, this depends on the type of the team and the players. Before betting, you ought to know for yourself, not just focus on the judgement of the bookie.

Bookmakers aren’t flawless and they can often miss success areas of a team or players that a true rugby fan may recognize like past encounters between adversaries. You ought to weigh several different things, and seeing the chances of bookies is just one of those variables. Trust your instincts and know that opting after the underdog would also provide you with a better return!

  • Follow the head and not the heart

If you’re a big fan of one player, it’s easy to sway, even if the odds are against them, because there’s a slight chance of victory. Without even having worth on the bet, following your heart could result in you making a bet on an unexpected result. Bookies rely on people betting to make their money with their hearts.

It’s easy to say that you just need to make sure you bet money that you can afford to lose. That doesn’t mean, though, that you just want to throw away that money in a heart-led decision. You need to take time properly weighing up the bet; looking at all the considerations surrounding the bet and betting with the advice of your brain, not your ears. Also, look for good betting advice from individuals whose role it is to study your possible winner to help you make your decision if need be.

  • Who’s the Ref here?

Between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, the style of referees can vary greatly. Not just that, but some refs are remembered for being much stricter than most, as in most sports. This aspect will impact the match’s scoring and the teams’ overall results. Before the match, you would be able to figure out who the referee is and get information about him, so ensure you do so.

  • Have a strategy and stick to the plan

There are two distinct general ways to rugby betting: betting on long odds for small numbers or betting on short odds for large amounts.

  • Advantage of home play?

Again, the concept of home advantage is another aspect similar to most sports. This will impact and manipulate sports, including rugby. It’s not one of the main variables, but it’s worth mentioning, everything being fair. When playing on home turf, many players feel simply more relaxed. Besides, if the match is in another country, that could mean a lot of pre-game travel, which could be exhaustion or jet lag. They would still be less familiar with the land and a challenge may mean both factors mixed. The home team will also get more crowd interest during the game, which also influences the score. In the end, for a player, this will make or break a game.

Betting odds for Rugby

There are many various rugby betting odds provided by various online betting websites. These cover most leagues and cups, both national and regional. You can pick from the Six Nations Cup, the Rugby World Cup, and the Rugby Championship as well. You may also go into video streaming and betting for Rugby. As far as video broadcasting is concerned, it is perhaps one of the most entertaining activities. These live streams take the bettors to some of the most successful and popular matches that are held around the world. There is no denying the bettors will find it fun and exciting as well.

Final Words

Online gambling has been massive, and there are numerous choices on what you can do, and today you can play online casino games, poker, or do sports betting, just to name a few.

The above overview will give the readers a fairly good insight into sports betting in particular and rugby betting in general. There is no question that there are quite a few interesting things in terms of rugby betting. However, after comparing various considerations and taking into account the risks and potential benefits associated with it, the onus lies in selecting the right betting option. You must also make sure that the best website with the right credibility is selected, and it should also include the greatest and most famous sets of rugby games and tournaments worldwide.