American Football

Not to be confused with what the world calls soccer(football), American Football is a sport that has made its own identity in the world. The football of the Americans was first played in early in the 20th century. This is a time when ball games like Soccer, Eton, Rugby, and Football were not well differentiated clearly. The world was still fighting over which sport was the original and what was the difference in each of them. 

However, the game which was played with the elliptical ball in hand was given the name American Football. Soon, the first official association was formed for the sport ‘The American Professional Football Association’. We now know this association by the name ‘National Football League’. 

The American Football gained monstrous popularity within the USA and soon started to spread its aura in other parts of the world. This was the time when betting authorities got the idea of introducing betting options in the sport. As of today, American Football is a sport that sees a huge number of betting worldwide. Winissimo too contributes to this global activity by providing an easy and diverse platform for the interested bettors to place their bets in the game.

If you are someone who likes to taste the fun of online betting in this aggressive sport, you have landed at just the right spot. Here are the reasons why you should get your hands on American Football betting at Winissimo.

We offer the best betting odds in the game

Betting odds are the deciding factor of how much you can win from placing a bet at any sports betting site. Winissimo excels in providing the best betting odds out there on the internet. Betting odds are numbers calculated by considering various factors of the game like the players playing the match, recent form of both teams, history of the teams in the league and the previous results of matches between the particular teams.

Our expert team on American Football digs deep to find out these facts and comes up with the best possible odds for each of the betting markets we offer. If you know how to read the betting odds and bet according to your bankroll, you can make the most of this opportunity. 

We have a large selection of betting markets of the game

American Football is played on a very large scale across the world and especially in the US. Some of the biggest leagues that you will find at our site are the NFL, Super Bowl, and CFL. The presence of this sport in so many top leagues gives us the option to offer several betting markets to our players. For example, in the world-famous American Football league, Super Bowl, you can place your bet on several elements of the league. Starting from the future bets to the in-game bets, you get a plethora of betting options throughout the league. Some of the best betting markets you should bet in a Super Bowl league are:

  • Match bets – Here you can place a straight bet on the team you think would win the match. This kind of bet is placed right before the match. You can then sit back and enjoy watching the game show throughout.
  • Handicap/point spread bets – This is one of the most popular bets in American Football. Avid sports bettors must already be knowing about this bet. Every match has a favorite and challenger team. Under this bet, the favorite team is given a compulsory margin by which it should defeat the other team. The bettor wins the bet and gets high rewards only if the favorite team wins the match by the given margin. 
  • Under/Over bets – Just like several other sports like Cricket, American Football too has the under/over betting option. Under this betting option, you can choose if the total points scored in the game will be higher or lesser than the predicted number by the sportsbook. If your guessing is right, you win the bet and take home money according to the betting odds. 
  • Teaser bets -This is a rather unique bet that you won’t find in any other sport. The teaser bet reduces the spread value and makes betting safer for you. The standard teaser value is 6. However, in some games, the teaser value may differ. 
  • Side bets – Apart from the bets that are directly related to the match, there are bets that are not directly related to the result of the game. Popular examples of side bets are – First Touchdown scorer and the winning margin. 
  • Outrights – The outrights are the bets that let you choose the winner or highest scorer of the whole tournament. For example, you will have to place an outright future bet well before the start of the Super Bowl league. You will get the result of these bets only after the league ends after the final. 

Live betting

Yes, you read it right! Winissimo also supports live betting on American Football. In live American football betting, you can place bets on various factors like the next point scorer, the highest-scoring team of the upcoming time interval. All you need is a stable internet connection that lets you stream the match live on our site and place your bets at your ease. 

Here are a few important tips to bet straight from the experts

We understand the help our exclusive players might need to get their hands on American Football betting. Therefore, we ask our expert team on betting to prepare a few tips for our interested bettors. These tips will help you have a smooth and secure betting experience at Winissimo.

  1. Try to learn about various betting markets initially to find the market you understand better. You can do this just by observing the game and how the betting markets progress. 
  2. Do not place bets in just one market. Try betting on two or three betting markets to manage a good score in betting. 
  3. Manage your bankroll. Keep an eye on how much you are losing and winning while betting. Making money is just one objective of betting, the main aim is to not let your normal life be affected by the practice.
  4. Follow the sport on a personal level. Do not depend on what the internet and others say. You yourself can understand the game better than anyone else explaining it to you.

We hope these tips will help you have a great sports betting experience at our sportsbook. Now that you know about the sport and its betting option top to bottom, join the fun right now!