Soccer Betting

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Football Betting & Odds

Soccer or football as many people like to call it, this sport game is the most popular in the world. The excitement that builds up when a forward player is about to kick the ball into the goal is something that has astonished people and players for ages. The first soccer game as we know now was played in England in the mid-19th century. Ever since then, the sphere ball game has been several developments in its recognition and popularity. This widespread popularity was a great achievement for a game that was still confused with its other predecessors like Rugby, Eton, Calcio and several other names. However, as the game spread in the 19th and the 20th century, people were clear of what they were enjoying and playing – Soccer(football). 

Today, soccer is the world’s most famous sport and holds a really strong position. All parts of the world play this game in various formats and leagues. In fact, there is always a soccer league being conducted somewhere on the earth. Such widespread presence is the reason why bettors see great potential for betting in the sport and making some money. If you too are someone who loves sports betting, we are here to help you understand all the factors of betting in the most famous sport. 

The top soccer leagues to bet on

The reach of this kick-the-ball game has no restricting boundaries. Countries all over the world organize their own soccer league and tournaments. This provides a great opportunity for the interest bettors to try soccer betting throughout the year. Unlike other games like Golf, there is always a soccer league being played in some of the parts of the world.

Winissimo online casino and sportsbook strives to cover all the top leagues of the world to deliver you an ultimate soccer betting experience. Here are the top soccer leagues you will find at our online betting site.

  • Premier League (England)
  • La Liga (Spain)
  • Bundesliga (Germany)
  • FA Cup
  • Ligue 1 (France)
  • Europa League
  • Serie A (Italy)
  • Champions League
  • Soccer Championship
  • Major League Soccer (USA)

The betting odds you can enjoy at Winissimo

Before you go for football betting, the first thing you will see at our betting site are numbers in the form of decimals. These decimal numbers in the betting world are called betting odds.

Betting odds are a numerical representation of the chances of any team winning the game. This number is calculated by taking into consideration various soccer-related factors that affect the game by large. These factors are – team’s recent performance, players playing in the match, strength of the rival team, 

previous performances of the team against the opposition and previous record of the team in the league. Our soccer expert team examines all the above factors and comes up with a number that shows the probability of the team winning the match. The betting odds also decide the payout ratio for each game. For example, if the football odds in a Premier League match between Chelsea and Burnley indicates:

Chelsea: 1.76

Burnley: 4.65

Draw: 3.75

This indicates that Chelsea is the team that is likely to win the match. The payout for football betting on each of the results will be as per the odds. If you bet a £100 on Burnley and the team happens to win against the odds, you will take home a 100 x 4.65 = £465. 

Therefore, the betting odds play a huge role in deciding the amount you will win even if you win the bet. The safer option to win is betting with the odd. In this case, placing your bet on Chelsea will be a safer option to win the bet. However, the winning amount is higher if you bet against the betting odds. It ultimately lies in the bettors’ choice if he wants to take some risk to win huge or opt for the safer option. Whatever may be the choice, betting odds play a huge role in deciding the betting experience you will have at our site. So make sure you bet according to the betting odds to make the most of football betting. 

Popular soccer betting markets we offer

Soccer, just like Cricket, comprises several elements that make up the game. From an overview, it looks like the sport is all about the player hitting the spherical ball into the goalpost. But it is not! A soccer game is made up of several elements like – 11 players on each side (including the goalkeeper), 3 referees to ensure smooth conduction of the game, half-time, timeouts, and several in-game elements like a penalty, corner shoot, handling the ball, penalty shoot-out, collision fouls, and forward-mid-defense players. 

All these elements create a chance of innumerous possibilities in the game. This creates an opportunity for the bettors to place their bets on the several elements of the game. We, at Winissimo Casino, bring a plethora of betting options for its enthusiastic bettors. If you choose to join Winissimo, you automatically choose to unlock a chance to find a betting market that you understand the best. The more the number of betting options, the better the chance of winning money in the game. Thus, we introduce you to the several betting markets you will find at our betting site. Brace yourselves!


  1. Future bets – This type of betting market is for the ones who like to place their bets on a future possibility and sit back and enjoy the events that follow. Such bets are not considered on a match-basis. Rather they are determined after the completion of a whole league/tournament. Such a betting market includes betting options on the winner of the tournament, the player with the maximum number of goals, and the goalkeeper with the highest number of saves.
  2. Live soccer betting – At Winissimo, you also get the option to place a bet while the match is under-play. Placing a live soccer bet is good for people who don’t like to wait for the result of their bet. You get instant results of your bet and can quickly place a new live bet to increase or manage your winnings. You can place a live bet on the following factors in a game of soccer:
    • Next goal-scoring team
    • When will the next goal be scored
    • Next goal-scorer
    • Next team to have a shot
    • When will the next corner be taken
    • Next player to be booked

    The live football betting option is brought straight from the ground at our site. If you have a high-speed internet connection, you can enjoy live soccer betting at its best. 


  3. Special bets – This is a market where you can place a direct bet on various elements of a match. These elements are usually related to the events that may or may not take place in a soccer match. The betting options under the special bets are:
    • Which team will score the first goal?
    • Will there be a penalty in the match?
    • If a specific player will score a goal?
    • Will a goal be scored in each of the halves?
    • How many players will be booked during the match?
    • If a player will be shown the red card?

    All these factors have nothing to do with the ultimate result of the match. They happen during the match and don’t affect the match directly. This is why they are called special bets. 

  4. Total bets – This betting market is all about predicting the final number of goals in the match. You are asked to predict if the total number of goals scored by both the teams will be higher or lower than the given number. The given number here refers to the number provided by our site. In a single match, you may find more than one total goal number at the site. You will win on your bet according to the betting odds in front of each of the given numbers.

    If you think that the total goals will be higher than the given number, you need to place an over bet. If you think the opposite, you need to place an under bet. 

  5. Half-time bets – This is a rather simple bet to place in comparison to the future and live bets. All you need to predict is the team with the higher number of goals at the end of each half-time. Since a soccer game is divided into two halves, you can place a separate bet for the first half and another for the next half. A point to note down is that this bet doesn’t work according to the final result of the match. For example, 


    A. Team A in the first half – 1 goal

    B. Team B in the first half – 3 goals

    A. Team A in the second half – 2 goals

    B. Team B in the second half – 1 goal

    • Total Team A score – 3
    • Total Team B score – 4 (winner of the match)

    If you placed your bet on Team B in the first half and Team A in the second half, you win both the bets regardless of the Team B losing the second half but winning the match.

  6. Result bets – This is the simplest of bets you can place in a soccer match. You can place a bet on the possible results of a match, i.e. Team A Win, Team B Win, and Draw. However, there are several combinations in which you can place a bet. 
    • Correct score – This is the simplest bet you all must be knowing off. Predict the exact winner of the match and place your bet on it. This bet is risky but has high-payouts. 
    • Double chance – Place a bet on two of the possibilities. You win if any of the outcomes happen to be true. 
    • Draw no bet – You cannot place a bet on the draw result. If the match results in a draw, you get your stake back. 
    • Handicap bet – Our sportsbook gives a team some extra conditions for winning the match. For example, a team must win the match with at least 2 more goals than the rival team. Such a condition is given to the team that has a lower betting odds or is the favorite in the match. 


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