Sports Betting Odds Vs Casino Odds
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Sports Betting Odds Vs Casino Odds

Every player who invests in casinos or sports betting wishes one thing: to win. Whether they are gambling on football or playing slot machines doesn’t matter. Players live for the day when they will strike the jackpot and they can retire. Unfortunately, most gaming chances of winning seem to lie in favour of bookmakers and casinos.

Although serious bettors are going to care about getting any little advantage, the majority of players are going to do it for fun or put a little confidence in chance. It’s fascinating, though, to see the contrast between the house edge in a casino and the bookmaker’s edge.

Take, for instance, a Roulette game, American Roulette specifically. For your wager, a single bet on red or black would cost 1:1. Since two of the 38 parts are green (0/00) on the Roulette wheel, it means you have a 47.37% chance of winning the red or black bet. This represents a house edge of 5.26%. As such, most seasoned Roulette players will prefer European Roulette as the house edge will be reduced to 2.70% by the single zero section.

So let us see how the casino odds and sports betting odds fare against each other and how you can be successful in choosing value odds while investing your money in any of those.

How the odds are created

Sports Betting Odds Vs Casino Odds

To examine all the aspects that decide whether a team wins or loses, bookmakers recruit vast teams of sports experts. To ease the workload, they still have sophisticated algorithms. They even distort the odds, of course, to get an edge over teams. 

Casinos operate differently. Whenever a game is being created, the odds of winning numerous games are set. More specifically, it is the game creators who configure the odds of their titles, not casinos.

Developers use matches to program the games to generate winners after a certain amount of plays for slot machines. This arises randomly, removing the opportunity to use talents or other tactics to have an advantage.

Games with the best odds of winning are offered by the best online or live casinos to draw players. Some also offer you bonuses for inspiring you to play their games more. That way, you would have perfect excuses for playing on their platforms, so when you fail your bets, they still make money.

House Edge determination

  • Sports betting and playing casino games are two entirely different things. But their odds are unbelievably identical. Taking this case. The chances of winning a black/red bet on European Roulette are almost 50%. Specifically, the likelihood is 48.65 %. The house has an advantage of just over 1% with these odds. 
  • In relation, imagine a game where Liverpool has odds of 2.5 defeating Man City while City has odds of 3.0. Essentially, Liverpool is 25% likely to win, while City is 30% likely to win the game. The bookmaker would have home advantage of 5% if the odds of a tie are 5.0 (50%).
Sports Betting Odds Vs Casino Odds

Sports betting, of course, depends more on science and analysis than chance. But you have a better chance of winning the Roulette bet, based on the house edge alone, than winning the Liverpool versus Man City game. Hence here the Roulette odds seem more favourable.

Finding odds of worth

Sports Betting Odds Vs Casino Odds

Ask every experienced gambler how these days they pick games and the reaction would be the same. As far as possible, the target is to find value odds. So what are odds and how are you going to find them? Value odds describe betting probabilities that bookmakers have undervalued.

Let’s take the Leicester versus Arsenal clash for example, where the hosts won 2-0. The foxes had the best form and had the home advantage as well. Most betting platforms, though, also offered them chances of 2.1 or more to win. The Gunners would certainly put up a fight and gain a draw or even win by a slim margin. But the Foxes were tipped by every wise punter to score. They were correct and for every £10 they bet they won at least £11.

In casino gaming, players are now keenly searching for quality chances. They do this by watching games with the highest payout values or the lowest house edge wagers. For slots, there is a known payout rate for each game.

But, to maximise their chances of winning, players choose the best-paid games. Casino players pick wagers with the lowest house edge when playing table games and use tactics to outsmart the house.

Beating odds using bonuses

So, any time you play, do the casinos have an edge? If you find good bonuses and, although briefly, you would have a greater edge over them. Some of the best gambling sites provide you with betting money with no wagering conditions. If you win money with a deal, you can instantly cash it out. For example, if you join an online casino like Winissimo you may find some very enticing bonuses available for you.

Bookmakers welcome emerging entrants with prizes as well. For your deposit, it could be a free single bet or a 100% deposit match. The bottom line is that you can claim and use a deal to raise your earnings. Since wagering conditions come with bonuses, don’t embrace all the offers that catch your eye.

Sports Betting Odds Vs Casino Odds

A few promotions are better than others. Find deals with minimum criteria for entry. They should also be sufficiently versatile to enable you to determine if you can use them. That way, depending on what you want, you can pick which game or sport you want to bet on.

Comparing odds of different bookmakers

Sports Betting Odds Vs Casino Odds

Experienced bettors don’t use a single platform. They have accounts on a variety of sites including bookies and online casinos. This allows users to easily compare the odds and bet on platforms that provide them with the best value for money.

To compare the bonuses and reward rates for various sports, casino players also require the services of several firms. Platforms that grant you regular bonuses give you the satisfaction of lowering your costs. And if you win, the earnings will be boosted.

In certain situations, for each gambling firm you choose, you can find a particular profit or drawback. One bookmaker will give outstanding cricket odds, but they may have weak golf betting odds. Similarly, some casinos promote high-paying slot machines but have low-house edges for table games. So, remember what benefits and drawbacks they bring when you look for great betting firms.

To Conclude

Whether you are a sports betting enthusiast or love to play slot machines; the likelihood is you search the odds of games before you play them. You’re probably looking at games with decent odds to improve your chances of winning. After all, that’s what a pro does.

However, as we have outlined above, how you find games with better odds varies based on whether you bet on sports or play casino games. So, consider what you would like to play and use the above tips. In the end, most of us enter into the betting world for fun and worrying too hard about the statistics or maths strips away the fun factor from it.