Tennis Betting

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Tennis Betting

Betting on Tennis is not a new term for anybody who is aware of gambling online. Today, Tennis is among the top sports where people like to place their bets. Contributing to the same phenomena, Winissimo brings a wide range of betting options and some of the best betting odds on all your favourite sports like Cricket, Football and Tennis. But before you get into betting in the sport, we would like to draw your attention to what you will be dealing with once you enter the betting section. 

Our Tennis betting section is full of different leagues, tournaments and betting odds. The variety you will find at our site is something that is very rare on the internet. So to help you make the most of this Tennis betting opportunity at our site, we are providing all the details that you will ever need to have a smooth and simple sports betting experience. So, let us get started.

An overview on Tennis

Before we get into discussing how to bet on Tennis, a bettor must know all the aspects of the game. Let us look in detail. 


  • History

    Tennis, in its modern form, was first played in the early 16th century. Before this, the game was played with Palm leaves instead of rackets. This is also the reason why the ex-name of this game is ‘jeu de paume’ meaning ’game of the palm’. However, even after the invention of the first racket, it was not until the 19th century when the first Tennis tournament was organised. It was at the end of the 19th century when the sport started to swing in its full pace. Tennis became a part of the Olympics game in 1896 and never looked back from there. Today, it stands as one of the most followed sports in the world. 

  • Rules

    Tennis is a game which can be played between one or two players on each side. The goal here is to make the other player miss the ball or play a shot that they are unable to hit in your court area. For each miss or wrong hit, the other player is rewarded with points. The player who takes a lead of two points from his opponent wins the game.

    This game is usually played in sets and each match has three or five sets. A match where the winner is decided in three sets is called best-of-three. A match with five sets is called best-of-five. 

  • Famous players

    Tennis has had several flag-bearers ever since it was made international and got global recognition. Some of the most famous players in Tennis are – Roger Federer, Serena Williams, John McEnroe, Rafael Nadal, Jimmy Connors, Novak Djokovic, and Maria Sharapova. 

Tennis betting at Winissimo

Winissimo online casino & sportsbook is an online betting site that strives to provide the best Tennis betting experience to our beloved users. We do so by bringing in some of the best tennis betting odds and betting options on the top international leagues. If you are new to this genre, don’t worry! We are here to guide you.

Now that you know the important factors of the game, we can straight away start from how to bet. To place a bet you need to look at the betting odds provided by our expert team, make your preferences, choose the amount you want to bet and place your bet. That is it. 

Basically, all you need to take care is the option on which you want to place your bet and the amount you want to bet. The betting odds are provided by us and we try to keep it as high as possible. But to achieve the best results, you need to understand how to read the odds. 

Understanding the odds in Tennis

Betting odds are numbers that you see written in front of the contestants of the match. These numbers are carefully calculated on the probability of the contestant winning the game. This careful analysis is done by our expert team that considers various factors of the game like the recent form of the players, the fitness of the player, previous record against the opposition and venue of the match. 

These betting odds are for your help to understand the chances of the player in the game and also to tell you how much you can win by betting on the player. The payout you get on winning is decided by multiplying your stake with the betting odds. So if you are betting £30 on a player with betting odds of 3.83, you will win an amount of  £115. Your total profit, thereby, is £85. The player who has a higher chance of winning has low betting odds and the payout for the player is also, consequently, low. Therefore, while betting on the stronger player may be a safe option, it might not be the more profitable one. 

Therefore, betting odds are way more important than they may seem from a distance, especially, if you are placing a live bet. Keeping an eye on the betting odds can help you make more profit from what you would have normally made. You must have a keen look to place your bet at just the right time when you would get the highest returns. 

The betting markets in Tennis betting

A Tennis game is made up of several elements. All the elements allow us to provide various options for betting in the game. The different betting options you get in a sport are called betting markets. The various betting markets you will find in Tennis are:

  • Matches – The best betting market for any beginner is to bet on the match-winner. This bet is easy to understand as you can place your bet just by looking at the betting odds of the player. It doesn’t matter how the players might play throughout a set, you win the bet if your player wins the match ultimately. 
  • Outrights – You can bet on an even longer format if you are not sure about a single match. Place a bet on the player you think will win the tournament. Some of the most famous Tennis tournaments on which you can place your bet are Wimbledon Open, French Open, Australian Open, US Open, ATP Tour, ATP World Cup and ITF Tour.
  • Over/Under – This type of bet is a lifesaver for someone who is in a dilemma of deciding which player will win the match. You can simply place your bet on factors like the number of sets that will be taken by a player to win the match or the number of points that will be taken by the winner to defeat the other player. For each of these options, you will be given a number of set/score for which you should choose if the set/score needed to win will be over or under it. Just like in any other betting option, here also you will find the betting odds according to the previous performances of the player under the same condition. 
  • Sets – Betting on sets is similar to placing a bet on the final score in a soccer game. You place your bet on the player who you think will win the first set and so on. Hence, you can make the most of this market by following the players usual tendency in the game.
  • Handicap – Not every match in Tennis is played between players of equal skill set. Some players are predetermined better in the game and therefore the result of such a match seems to be obvious. To make such predetermined matches exciting, we give margins to the favourites by which they should defeat the other player. For example, if Player A is the favourite in a match, he must defeat Player B in less than 4 sets. If you think that Player A will be able to do that in the match, you are welcomed to place your bet. 

An influential betting factor

There are various factors that affect a Tennis match, as we discussed earlier. However, there is one other factor that we have not discussed so far. Tennis is played on four different bases – clay, grass, carpet and hard court. All these grounds have different properties. For example, a clay court provides more spin to the moving ball and the hard court provides a higher pace to the ball. Therefore, a player who performs well on a clay court might not be the favourite on a hard court. All players have different skills on different courts and therefore, this influential factor must always be kept in mind before placing the bet.